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No 6 (2017): The Future of DMin Education

A look at demographic and pedagogical trends in Doctor of Ministry education in North America. (Cover photo used with permission. (#1711563396


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No 5 (2013): The Missional Church and DMin Education

Renewing the church's sense of identity and role.


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No 4 (2012): Pastoral Ethnography: A Contextual Approach to DMin Education and Ministry

Weaving insights from pastoral counseling and social research to encourage individual and communal spiritual growth.


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No 3 (2011): Multiculturalism and Doctor of Ministry Education

Encouraging ministry that understands and respects culture


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No 2 (2010): Theological Reflection on Ministry

Strengthening the leaders of today's church by encouraging discussion, research, and the interchange of information related to Doctor of Ministry education.


No 1 (2009): The Value of Doctor of Ministry Education

How the D.Min contributes to the person, academy, church and society.

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